• Stephen Jesse Oliveto

    An expression of God's Grace and Mercy...

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    Fan, Follower and Representative of Jesus

    who has so graciously given me:


    Life Abundantly!.


    Serving and Residing in Kitsap County, WA


  • The Abundant Life

    "I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!" -Jesus

    Here are some areas of wonderful blessing that surround and make my life as full as it is.

    Yahweh, Jesus and Holy Spirit

    I have found myself to be an object of affection and recipient of such wonderful blessings from someone I feel I barely know yet respect so greatly. He goes by many names but I'm most fond of Heavenly Father.

    Wonderful Wife

    Tiffany is my absolutely precious gift from God and the mother of our three sons. She is one of the most productive people I know as she exemplifies discipline and focus. She is trustworthy, bringing much joy to those around her, and is a constant source of goodness towards me.

    Real Estate Sales

    I have the absolute privilege of calling myself a real estate professional and helping friends, family and acquaintances in the purchase and sale of their homes and investments.

    The "O Bros"

    My three boys bring such richness to life on a daily basis. I'm thankful for each one. Each of them are so unique it astounds me.

    Gifts and Blessings

    One of the most fun things in life I find is finding ways to contribute, serve and add value to others through areas that I've grown in. See below for a little more about that.

    My Faith Family

    I have been the recipient of the goodness of God through my friends, brothers and sisters in the faith. I'm thankful for each precious soul that God has touched and then been a blessing to me. Sharing the journey is such the joy! All are welcome.

    Domestic Life

    Home Ownership and all that comes with it is one "longer than expected" and "more expensive than planned" project after another. However I find it truly a responsibility and adventure worth embracing for so many reasons, as do millions of other hard working Americans.


    Who doesn't like some of the things the swift technological advances have brought over recent decades? Keeping up (Or attempting to keep up) is no small undertaking but it is one of the things that I connect with my boys on and find ways to enjoy and then bless others.


    While I'm not "musically inclined" (I don't have a great voice nor play an instrument), I'm incredibly grateful for those who do and who share from their giftings. Some of my greatest understandings come through honest lyrics and catchy tunes.

  • The Sacrificial Life

    "If you truly desire to be my student & follower, you must disown your life completely, embrace my ‘cross’ as your own, and surrender to my ways" Jesus

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    My Ways vs God's Ways

    Very Different Paths

    I've lived long enough to know my own patterns and tendencies. And I have read enough scripture and received enough teaching to have a sense of God's ways. They truly are two different paths. His ways require both faith and a dying to what I may desire for short term comfort or satisfaction. But his ways are based on the "long view". As such, it requires letting go of the things temporary in nature. And doing so in the place that matters most, my heart.

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    Not My Will But Your Will Be Done

    I have a constant directional struggle and it pertains to keeping the first things first. My God calls me to love him with all my heart, mind and soul. And to serve my neighbor. Yet I continually find myself serving myself above others. And I find myself doing as I please, completely upending God's intended blessing in my life. This struggle is real, it is constant and it is a privilege to fight this battle.

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    Loving My Wife

    "As Christ Loved the Church"

    Is there ever greater opportunity to die to self than than two imperfect souls partnered together. I thank God for Tiffany. She is my life partner but she is also the primary "mirror" in my life exposing my lower nature so it can be put to death...to the Glory of God and the benefit of Stephen & those around him.


    Praise God for his higher ways and purposes!

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    Giving Financially

    "As Christ Loved the Church"

    They say "show me your calendar and your bank statement" and I'll tell you where your heart lays. Generosity is one of the great joys in life.. I pray I might increase in giving...where it counts...in my heart, with my hands AND in my wallet.

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    Serving Others

    "As Christ Loved the Church"

    And this is giving of your time, a commodity more precious than money. May I never consider myself to busy or important to pause and take time for a brother or sister in their time of need. It is commanded and there is also a blessing hidden in service as well.

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    Praying and Fasting

    "As Christ Loved the Church"

    Two of the most difficult things to prioritize...saying no to my stomach and saying no to the demands of the self-life. But that is the reasonable sacrifice to enjoy more and more of the God I Adore. So I will embrace the challenge to grow in saying no to myself in various ways that my inner spirit might flourish in the presence of such a Perfect One.

  • Freely you have Received...Freely Give!

    Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God's Grace in its various forms.

    Words from one of Jesus' Disciples around AD 63 (1 Peter 4:10)

    Technology...Jack of all Trades, Master of few...

    That truly sums me up when it comes to technology. It has since the beginning of my career when I was hired into my first job as the only tech at a small cancer center at Washington State University around 2001. Much of that knowledge lingers and proves useful...surprisingly after all these years. Specifically, I feel I have acquired the following specialties.

    • The Apple Software & Hardware Ecosystem
    • Mac Computing on the Cheap
    • Basic Home Networking
    • Slight Database and Leveraging Cloud Technologies

    Organization & Planning

    I'm not claiming to be good at either organizing or planning, but I can tell you I'm in my "happy place" when I'm doing either of these activities!


    Though there is little riding in life presently, I consider this an area I can be of service to others.

  • My Open Journal (Neglected) Project

    Want to "Learn with me"? Join in with me as I share from this life's learnings & explorations. I'd love to hear what you have to say in response!  

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